ROSSCH ASCENSION 360° Consulting
Tactical strength meets strategic vision to produce powerful operational results.

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A Passion to Create Value.

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For experts, by experts

Our consultants average over 20 years of solid industry experience and are selected for their ability to work with airlines to strengthen systems and processes. Rossch domain experience spans the organizational spectrum from crew management to customer experience.

Collaborative focus

With Rossch each consultant is supported by a team of experts who bring innovative perspectives to your organizational challenges. We pride ourselves in working side-by-side with our aviation clients to drive solutions unique to their operational environment.

Operational results

Our success is measured in business outcomes and our consultants work with clients to operationalize solutions. We go beyond hypotheticals and “strategy presentations” to deliver measurable improvements for your organization.

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Strategic Vision. Tactical Focus.

Our Industry experts have the vision to work with you to draw the big picture and the experience to make it happen. We provide actionable results.

Systems Operations
  • SOC360 Review
  • Crew Management
  • Flight Operations/MX Control
  • Charter Operations
  • Airport Operations
Customer Experience
Commercial Drivers
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Ancillary Revenue
  • Brand Standardization
  • Digital Spend
  • Codeshare Delivery
Support Services
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Operations are your organizational heartbeat. Time to check your pulse.

With The Rossch Groups Operations360 Review™ we’ll give you a good view of the current state of your systems, process and people. Whether you’re targeting Crew Planning capabilities, assessing MX Control-Dispatcher hand-offs or if you want to get a good look at your SOC/IOCC as a whole, we’ll match industry experts to tailor a comprehensive view of your operation.

Speed, efficiency and clarity are what you need to win the race.

Rossch employs its Ascension360° methodology the help your organization fire on all cylinders. Understanding the convergence of people, process and systems, Rossch will work with your team to reduce drag, eliminate confusion and increase energy to let your team realize their true potential.

Don’t spend hours cataloguing work, really drive business delivery.

Over-processed, lethargic and resented by the business, most PMOs fail to deliver on delivery. The Rossch Group brings proven PMVoltage© techniques we’ll work with you to cut away waste, create effective and energetic change catalysts and support truly business-driven portfolios.

We’ll help you see the big picture,
AND how to get there.

Strategy is great but without an actionable plan, too often you’re left with a very expensive PowerPoint presentation. Rossch treats every engagement as a unique opportunity to drive change and our deep experience and emphasis on true collaboration elegant and powerful solutions supported by concrete steps to bring them to life.

Success Stories

Creative solutions, energized teams and business results.

  • What started as a PSS-implementation turned into the launch of a winning brand in one of America’s toughest markets.
  • One of the fastest Crew Systems implementation on record resulted in empowered team members embracing the new system.
  • In the midst of dramatic organizational change, this airline rolled-out an innovative ancillary suite of products that enhanced the passenger experience.
  • A long-time trade organization needed to re-invent its membership strategy and revenue model.
  • Copa turned to The Rossch Group for a comprehensive assessment of its Network and Systems Architectures.
  • Leveraging deep experience and strong industry relationships, Rossch helped implement Flight Planning and drive significant operational savings.
  • Building relationships and helping both vendor and client constructively address issues, Rossch helped put a PSS implementation back on track.